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By no means is picking a suit or tuxedo as time consuming as picking out a wedding dress. But needless to say, you still have a lot of options. And we all know, you wanna look your best.

There are so many places to buy a tuxedo of a suit for your big day, so now you have to ask yourself a few questions: Will I wear it again? How Casual should I go, or should it be really formal? Is the cost justified? This is definitely something you can look into as there are always great deals at the fashion districts, tailors, or even online. Check around as you want to start doing this early to get all the right measurements, fabrics, and of course accompanying colors to match your beautiful bride and flowers. Put into consideration the fabric as you’ll want it to breathe. You wanna make sure you’re getting something that you’ll be comfortable wearing for an entire day. Now you need to think about your groomsmen. Do you want them to match? Then they need suits and measurements too.

The best advice we can give you is to follow your instincts. A stylish customized suit can go a long way to looking awesome. But as we all know, a quick and easy suit at the store can still be fashionable, more accessible to out of town groomsmen, and save you some cash. So talk it over with your fiance, your boys, and do some more research for options. And stylish will soon be your middle name.

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